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Re: Debian Desktop screencasts

On Sunday 14 January 2007 20:59, Gustavo Franco wrote:

> The Ubuntu guys have a interesting tutorial on how to record
> screencasts[0] that we should adapt to our needs, and good quality
> screencasts[1]. They use voice over the screencasts, i prefer a sort
> of subtitles, hints on how to do that?

Subtitles would be a better idea then using a voice over on the videos.  
Subtitles would be beneficial to those users who have hearing difficulties.  
Plus using subtitles would keep the overall size of the videos down.

Is it possible to have the subtitles translatable?  If this is possible then 
this would allow the videos to be multi-lingual.

If this is not possible, then would a dvd compilation be a good idea?  A dvd 
could be compiled of all the videos, then via an options screen the user 
could select which language they wish to have the subtitles in.  The same 
method as used in normal multi language dvd films could be used.  This dvd 
could then be distributed as an iso file.  Surly the size of the iso would 
not be astronomical would it?

I don't know wether these ideas are suitable, but they seem like a good idea 
to me.


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