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Debian Desktop screencasts

Hi list,

I think we can came up with some screencasts to show our
upcoming/current users how to install the Debian Desktop (GNOME, KDE
or XFCE) from scratch or update it (using aptitude/tasksel) using
tasks from a already installed system.

The Ubuntu guys have a interesting tutorial on how to record
screencasts[0] that we should adapt to our needs, and good quality
screencasts[1]. They use voice over the screencasts, i prefer a sort
of subtitles, hints on how to do that?

I've started a wiki article[2] with the information below and some
screencasts ideas, once i prepare my recording setup you will hear
more. Suggestions are welcome.

[0] = https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreencastTeam/RecordingScreencasts
[1] = http://doc.ubuntu.com/screencasts/
[2] = http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktop/Screencasts

-- stratus

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