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Re: Debian Desktop (Status for Etch).

Hi list,

Let us check our status again!

0.3.20 is in testing and 4.0.0 in sid. Do we need 4.0.0 ? Fathi, lool ?

gdm: rmurray bundled debian-moreblue 0.5 there and it's the default in
sid and testing. Better than nothing.

splash screen and wallpaper: ready to go.

Based on Ana's latest message to -release and release team reply, is
it ready too, isn't it?

ready to go, right?

Keep in mind that i'm talking about the consistent visual stuff, not
what we need to do after release to put things in a better shape. Let
be sure that the common artwork is there in a way or another and use
the next 18 months (at least) to do that better.

-- stratus

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