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Re: Fwd: Debian objectives for lenny ... desktop

Qui, 2007-01-11 às 22:27 +0100, Michael Banck escreveu:
> On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 07:21:01PM +0000, LUIS  MATOS wrote:
> > we can go one way or another. The one we choose, we will 
> > mass fill bug reports as RC in order to achieve it.
> > 
> > I think we have some point in having the desktop 
> > discussion centralized here, so the people that has 
> > something to say can say it here. The decisions made by 
> > debian-desktop (list) are release decisions. I think we 
> > can think like this regarding desktop.
> No, we can't.  Unless "Splash screen must have a consistent artwork" is
> a release goal approved by the release managers, those bugs are not RC.

> And personally, I don't think that should be a release goal, as this is
> not how Debian works.  Usually, somebody (either the maintainer or
> somebody else) does the work and if things are not getting moved
> forward, people are nudged.  Making things RC seldom helps.

i think having a GOOD desktop should be a release goal. This list/group
can propose it do the RM's. Enterprise Desktop is a Must if debian wants
to keep really alive and increase it's user base.

He need to focus on getting the maintainers help.

> > >> - seek for group work application's compatibility out 
> > >>of the box.
> > >
> > >Can you elaborate on this?
> > 
> > I hope that by the time we ship lenny, there will be a 
> > release of an outstanding workgroup application server: 
> > Hula.
> > 
> > We (well ... i'm +/- in there too) are taking over it's 
> > control from novell and just waiting for them to lay the 
> > project's content to us. The comunity around hula is hudge 
> > and there are many developers waiting to lay their hands 
> > on it.
> Interesting.  Let's see how this works out.
> Maybe this "enterprise desktop" would rather merit a custom debian
> distribution, integrating things like samba, hula etc. into something
> nice sounds like out of scope to a regular task to me. 

i think a task is just installing particular packages that provide
certain functionality.
Suse SLES uses, for example, possibility to integrate to an LDAP server.
Debian achieves the same just depending on libpam-ldap (which settings
can be preseeded). 

So, creating this enterprise desktop task would improve the adoption of
debian in enterprise's desktop where i think debian is a good option,
but, it lacks out of the box implementation. So people just install
ubuntu (that has graphical/user improvements).

If we make this our release goal we can gain a "market" share that no
distribution has (there is only SLES and RHEL for enterprise oriented

> Michael 

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