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Re: problem with xfce4-session and desktop-base

On 12/13/06, Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac@corsac.net> wrote:
Hi list,

I have a problem with xfce4-session in sid ( This one doesn't
ship xfce4-session.rc in /etc/xdg/xfce4-session so the one provided by
desktop-base is used, but for a new user, if desktop-base isn't
installed, it'll fail loading default session. There is an open bug
about this (#402708). I don't really know about the two solutions I
speak about in the last message.

I don't 'get it'. What do you mean with new user?

There is a third solution, which is "doing nothing". Current
xfce4-session in etch is, and ships a xfce4-session.rc. With
it, people won't have Debian splashscreen but there'll be no problem
running Xfce for freshly installed box (and it doesn't require an

I know. In parallel, could you provide screenshots of the supposed to
be final XFCE artwork into Etch then? I don't think that the splash
screen missing will be a huge loss, the default is blueish too, no?
Actually, my critical problem is the one involving gdm, but i need to
wait a bit more before decide for plan b.

-- stratus

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