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Re: problem with xfce4-session and desktop-base

On mer, 2006-12-13 at 18:43 -0200, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> > I have a problem with xfce4-session in sid ( This one
> doesn't
> > ship xfce4-session.rc in /etc/xdg/xfce4-session so the one provided
> by
> > desktop-base is used, but for a new user, if desktop-base isn't
> > installed, it'll fail loading default session. There is an open bug
> > about this (#402708). I don't really know about the two solutions I
> > speak about in the last message.
> I don't 'get it'. What do you mean with new user?

I mean an user which have never run Xfce. Which means any freshly
installed Debian users, new users created on older installs etc. When
running Xfce for the first time, a customized session is built (and held
in .config and .cache folders). Users with those one won't see the
problem, as they'll continue to use the customized one (until they
remove those folders, for example).
> > There is a third solution, which is "doing nothing". Current
> > xfce4-session in etch is, and ships a xfce4-session.rc.
> With
> > it, people won't have Debian splashscreen but there'll be no problem
> > running Xfce for freshly installed box (and it doesn't require an
> > upload).
> > (...)
> I know. In parallel, could you provide screenshots of the supposed to
> be final XFCE artwork into Etch then? I don't think that the splash
> screen missing will be a huge loss, the default is blueish too, no?
> Actually, my critical problem is the one involving gdm, but i need to
> wait a bit more before decide for plan b.

I'll make screenshots of default install *with* desktop base installed.
Without desktop-base installed it'll look like

But the only thing really changing is the wallpaper.

I don't think the splash screen missing is huge loss either, it'd be
nice but, eh..

The only thing missing (if we keep xfce4-session in Etch) is
xfce4 and xfce4-goodies metapackages which need to be uploaded and go to
Etch. Currently xfce4 Recommends: desktop-base.


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