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Re: Debian MoreBlue GDM Theme (new version)

On Mon, 2006-12-11 at 15:42 -0200, André Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira wrote:
>         moreblue is also missing a field for pam-message, I suggest
>         adding one 
>         above the pam-error field.
> ??????
> But I don't need "pam-message" if I use "pam-prompt"...
> Look a version with pam-message:
> http://cdd.debianbrasil.org/~si0ux/artwork/debian/screenshot/gdm-pam-message.png

Are you sure? They have different descriptions,
        Label that displays the PAM prompt. This is the prompt that PAM
        uses to ask for username, password, etc...
        Label that displays the PAM message. These are messages that
        PAM/GDM gives about state of the account, help about the prompts
        and other information. 

And a quick grep shows that almost all of my other themes provide
pam-prompt, pam-message, and pam-error.

Sven Arvidsson
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