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Re: desktop task: package list

On 11/27/06, Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:

On Sat, Nov 25, 2006 at 10:09:32PM +0000, Luis Matos wrote:
> > Not sure about .chm readers. Good hint. I'll take a look if it made
> > what we think is the last tasksel upload before Etch.
> a bunch of ebooks that i recently accessed were in chm. i think it is
> useful.

Are those properly integrated with the respective desktop environments?
A good hint is whether they got proposed for inclusion in either GNOME,
KDE or XFCE upstream, and what upstream's response was.

Just because some functionality is missing doesn't mean we should
include the next best program it implements, we might be stuck with
supporting it for years...


> > >   . contacts ( address book that integrates with evolution)
> >
> > hmm?
> contacts is an address book for pda's. but it is good to just have an
> address book. it's lightwheight and it can substitute evolution in a
> fast lookup.

AFAIK, we already have a PIM suite in GNOME and KDE; while contacts is
nice (and I use it personally) having programs duplicating functionality
in the default install is confusing.  If we move towards contacts, we
should rethink the whole PIM stack, including dates and some mail

Yes, there's no way that to do or think about it for Etch. ;)

> > >  = development tools =
> > >  . some? or none?
> >
> > none by default, we've text editors. let us avoid the eclipse versus
> > emacs versus foo favourite development suite war. :)
> my aim is not that. my development i would like to have what people
> expect. maybe anjuta, glade and mono develop would be nice for people
> that want to have develop gnome applications ... but i think it stays
> out of the aim of tasksel.

Indeed.  Having a gnome-devel meta-package at one point makes sense if
there is none already, but I don't think this is in the scope of the
desktop task.

The aim of gnome-tasksel as i've (in a way) hijacked it, is fill this
gap: The suggestion/install/removal of tasks after system install
through the GUI (kde-tasksel would be cool too), since i don't see the
need of keep adding more and more tasks in the default install since
we already have no space for everything in the 1st CD.

Those interested in help with gnome-tasksel, just ignore the old one
and take a look at the buggy one in sid or the bzr repository. I'm
open to start from scratch the code (in python) writing a common
module (or some of them) to prepare for a qt based GUI in the future.
The work i've done so far was 'port' it from gtk+1 to gtk+2, but
stopped it in the end because it wasn't going to be really useful for
Etch desktop users.

-- stratus

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