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Re: desktop-base status (Was: gdm theme changes!)

On Thu, Nov 09, 2006, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) wrote:
> >    * I heard a hint from Kevin Krammer who suggested putting a .sh
> >      script in /usr/env to let startkde source it, it could change
> >      KDEDIRS which is a list of directories to search for various
> >      things, in particular configs; I thought about this, but I'm not
> >      sure it can be cleanly implemented, in particular it should work
> >      with locally modified environments, or other scripts setting
> >      KDEDIRS; 
>        the above essentially describes re-implementing desktop-profiles as
>        it applies to kde-specific settings

 Not really, I agree that desktop-profiles relies on KDEDIRS as well,
 but desktop-profiles is intrusive and too generic for the problem of
 setting the "simple" default.  My biggest concern goes to the
 per-startkde run configurability instead of a simple per-package
 installation configurability; it is of course possible to use
 desktop-profiles to solve this problem, but as I explained, I don't
 want to hook a piece such as desktop-profiles in 1) the default install
 2) the list of things launched on every login, even over SSH.

>  	NOTE: depending on exactly what the settings are set in the added config
>         set (not applicable for just setting background, splash) setting
>         KDEDIRS in startkde it isn't sufficient (as kde apps can be started
>         outside a kde-session)

 The current goal is to set things such as desktop-background and splash
 image, I think this is always in a startkde use case.

> >  The KDE config stuff itself is ready (be it for KDE solution 2 or 3),
> >  but not committed (it's from the desktop-profiles patch in the
> >  desktop-base BTS).
>    idem for the XFCE config stuff (in same patch)

 Indeed, thanks again!

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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