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GNOME menu consistency

Under my 'Applications' menu, various items which are not part of
GNOME are not given descriptions, e.g.:

'Sound & Video'
   --> 'K3b'
   --> 'MPlayer'
   --> 'Sound Juicer CD Extractor'

but then you also get:

   --> 'Abiword Word Processor'
   --> 'Evolution'
   --> 'Project Manager'

2 problems with the listing immediately above is that Evolution, which
is part of GNOME, is not described, and Planner is merely listed as
Project Manager. It often changes what GNOME regards as a standard
application for a specific use, so is it a good idea to just list an
application area (e.g. Image Viewer, Project Manager, Movie player)
instead of SoundJuicer's and Abiword's examples.


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