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Re: Etch Artwork

On 9/19/06, Luis Matos <a26652@alunos.mec.ua.pt> wrote:
log from #splashy
<_gass_> otavio: a question that urged from debian-desktop
<_gass_> grub configuration
<otavio> _gass_: it's not too hard to do
<otavio> _gass_: i'm one of people involved on grub-installer and it has
support to user params so it won't be a big problem

well ... is everything said ... or not?

In a way yes, but let me Cc: Otavio and clear my mind on this definitely.

Otavio, do you know that for we (wearing my tasksel member hat for a
while) add splashy in the 'default desktop environment' the grub stuff
needs to be in place first, right? splashy isn't into testing yet,
could we count with the infrastructure (grub) and it for d-i etch RC1
? Are we sure that splashy will work in as much as different systems
usplash actually works? The architecture list looks quite good, btw.

If the infrastructure side on d-i is already possible tell me how.
Please remember that we're "after base system install" right in the
task installation step and there's already a 'desktop postinst' script
where stuff could be added, preseeded, whatever.

thanks in advance,
-- stratus

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