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Re: beagle / default apps

On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 00:50 +0000, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> Btw, i would like to get rid of Firefox and keep just Epiphany, but FF
> is in the 'desktop' task and Epiphany is in the 'gnome-desktop' task
> and even if you've no idea you installed both. There's a limitation in
> the way we handle tasks, do you see?

And until we have a browser which doesn't heavily depend on gnome (or
kde), we should'nt use them in the 'desktop' task, I guess. Epiphany
would bring gnome things, Konqueror would bring Kde things that an user
isn't really aware of. Firefox only depends on gtk things, and until we
have a lighter alternative which doesn't depend on too much things, we
should keep it in 'desktop' :)


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