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Re: beagle / default apps

On 8/1/06, andremachado <andremachado@techforce.com.br> wrote:
I downloaded and installed in a vmware player disk the 31 july 2006 weekly
testing cd image.
Great desktop improvement over Sarge.
Good work!

Thanks, we're still working very hard on this.

I would like to suggest installing Beagle by default, as it would help more
newbies in finding things.

We won't do that for Etch. We're already out of space for CD1 and
Beagle brings mono, too much stuff that isn't in 'standard GNOME' in
one shot, sorry.

Also, could it be possible to reduce even more the number of default apps,
using popularity contest, or some other distro / cdd like
http://cdd.debian-br.org as a package selection starting point?

Could you point some apps that should be removed? I don't think that
Debian-BR-CDD has a list of excluded apps. Btw, you can suggest
packages that are there and weren't included in our default desktop
environment, of course. List the packages here and the reason and i'll
give you feedback. I'm in the tasksel team.

Many newbies are afraid of too many (more than 1) alternatives for one task.
Naming menus as "text editor" "spreadsheet editor", "internet browser", "email
reader" could help.

Let me split your pagraph in two points:

* More than 1 alternatives for one task
Let me pick the browser issue: If the user knows what Firefox is, he
will use that and ignore that Epiphany is in the same sub-menu too. It
won't confuse users if there are not two "Web browsers" options in the
same sub-menu, but just "Firefox ..." and "Epiphany ..." items.

Btw, i would like to get rid of Firefox and keep just Epiphany, but FF
is in the 'desktop' task and Epiphany is in the 'gnome-desktop' task
and even if you've no idea you installed both. There's a limitation in
the way we handle tasks, do you see?

* Menus
Menus using the task name and not the application name sounds good at
first, but there are the tooltips filling this gap today and being a
usability issue, i'm not sure what's technically the best choice. I'm
sure that we're not going to change the defaults for Etch though.

-- stratus

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