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Re: usplash or fbsplash?

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website wrote:
| Hi to all
| we have made a developer group to work on a project called debsplash, it is a
| bootsplash for debian.
| Initially we started to port fbsplash on debian, but when we were working we
| met another idea of bootsplash from ubuntu distro.
| Ubuntu developers have thought to a bootsplash that is completely made in
| userspace. So it doesn't have any kernel patch.
| There is a main problem in this, really usplash is a child project so there
| are not "valid" sources for now.
| You can read some infos about fbsplash at
| http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/gensplash/
| You can read some infos about usplash at
| http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/WartyWarthogUsplash
| Now we have to decide which approach to choose, the fbsplash one or the
| usplash one, please sent your vote replying this message. If you are not
| interested to this stuff please do nothing.

usplash.  I have always prefered a userspace solution.  And in reguard to Fedora
rhgb, it runs X, which I don't really care for, the usplash stuff appears to run
on a FB device and I think it is a better choice.  I am game for make it use
dbus for communication which would enable it to do even cooler stuff.

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