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usplash or fbsplash?

Hi to all
we have made a developer group to work on a project called debsplash, it is a 
bootsplash for debian.
Initially we started to port fbsplash on debian, but when we were working we 
met another idea of bootsplash from ubuntu distro.
Ubuntu developers have thought to a bootsplash that is completely made in 
userspace. So it doesn't have any kernel patch.
There is a main problem in this, really usplash is a child project so there 
are not "valid" sources for now.
You can read some infos about fbsplash at 
You can read some infos about usplash at 

Now we have to decide which approach to choose, the fbsplash one or the 
usplash one, please sent your vote replying this message. If you are not 
interested to this stuff please do nothing.


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