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Re: usplash or fbsplash?

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004 15:52:03 +0100, website <website_debian@tiscali.it> wrote:
> Now we have to decide which approach to choose, the fbsplash one or the
> usplash one, please sent your vote replying this message. If you are not
> interested to this stuff please do nothing.

Well, they both achieve the same purpose, so I believe we have to "do
the right thing". All tools in user-space and not need for kernel
patch is the right choice (if it can be done in user-space, let it be
done there and not in kernel-space stuff).

In any case, we already have debsplash working at this moment. I just
finished packaging the whole thing (found the error problems with my
setup). So, we should continue using and maintaining debsplash for
those of us who care.

Then we should concentrate all our efforts in getting usplash working
and eventually replace debsplash. usplash stands a greater chance of
being accepted not only for Debian, but for Gentoo, Fedora, etc...
etc... And since Fedora already does some or most of what usplash
wants to do... plus the expertise we have with dealing with bootsplash
plus now gen/debsplash, we should get usplash up-n-running in no time
:-) (note that I chose "should" and not any other word -- a lot of
work is ahead, but at least there is a lot more people and ubuntu's
sponsoring is not a bad thing).

Luis M
System Administrator

"We think basically you watch television to turn your brain off, and
you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on" --
Steve Jobs in an interview for MacWorld Magazine 2004-Feb

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