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Re: fbsplash: introducing fbplash in debian (howto)

   Hi Glyn,

> Was this the package from 
> homepage.ntlworld.com/d3c3it ?? *ie my 1*

Yes, that's the one I've got installed.

> > The only thing missing is that if I try to boot in
'silent' mode the
> > screen goes to 'silent' for a few seconds and then
changes itself to
> > 'verbose' mode. Exploring dmesg I only see:

> Thats 1 of the init files, it interrupts the
fbsplash. There was a fix
> for it in bootsplash but its changed now and ive not
had time yet look
> into it. There is a group of people developing it
futher. Keep an eye on
> the debian-desktop list

You mean in one of the "/etc/init.c/rc" or "rcS"
files? I know that bootsplash needed to patch these to
get the progress bar working... but don't know about


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