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Re: fbsplash: introducing fbplash in debian (howto)

On Monday 11 October 2004 07:58, Luis M wrote:
> Uh? I guess you mean "Note that to make fbsplash work, you must not
> use initrd images..."
> If this is true, I'm glad because I have stopped using initrd's since
> a loooong time ago. I just compile-in what I need in my kernels to
> work for my boxes :-) (as everybody else who dares to compile the
> kernel does of course).

Yes, but not everybody doesn't use initrd images. I'm working to add an 
fbsplash support on debian in a easy way: one of its goals is to run fbspash 
with a standard kernel.
fbsplash is incompatible with initrd image but it need an initramfs image to 
work (it is done by splashutils). Fbsplash works fine in my pc with this 
experimental kernel (it uses the standard debian config with scsi, ata and 
sata compiled ad built in), this kernel is for mass use and doesn't need an 
initrd image.

> I'm about to test my first attempt! I have already created grub-themes
> and gdm-themes based on Debian-Mist. Will post back later with details
> if anyone cares.

This week i'll work to get bars works.

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