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Re: Desktop-specific Kernel Patch - win4lin?

> > a bootsplashscreen,
> Well, that seems to be desirable at some point (Ubuntu is aiming for it,
> AFAIK), and I don't see why support for it should not be in the stock
> Debian kernel.

It doesn't make sense to have it in the kernel. I mean, would you like a JPEG 
decompresser in there? :) I recall Herbert Xu rejected the Bootsplash patch 
some time ago. Anyway, it's entirely possible to do it in userspace and I 
know Ubuntu Linux is implenting their bootsplash in that way.

> > Thus I think providing easy means to keep using existing applications
> > in a new environment is an important step to attract new users.  It's
> > just like having known applications like Firefox, gaim, psi or Opera
> > available on Windows helps Linux adoption since users can stick to
> > what they already know and don't have to re-learn _everything_,
> IMHO applications such as web browsers or chat clients which need much
> learning are broken anyway - but I might be spoiled by GNOME :)

KDE apps aren't too bad either. :)

*/ Christoffer Sawicki <qerub@home.se>

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