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Desktop-specific Kernel Patch - win4lin?


there was some talk earlier about what kernel patches could be included - I 
can't really say what patches would improve desktop performance, but I always 
here the Con Kolivas patchset would do some good - but I've said that before. 
What I'd really like to discuss if it could be considered to include some 
compatibility patches like the patch needed to run the commercial Win4Lin 

While I think that the fact that win4lin is a commercial product and is even 
used to run windows might make this undesireable for debian developers (don't 
know - is this the case?) I guess such a Desktop system will attract quite a 
few users looking for a way to run their last legacy windows apps in their 
new system. After actually seeing win4lin not long ago I think I will get it 
myself and do away with the otherwise necessary dual boot. So users might be 
ok with the tax on the software - but might be looking for an OS that makes 
it easy to install it.

Maybe this and similar patches could be included in DDD kernel out of the box?

I realize than there can't be a patch for every little commercial app that 
might need one, but given the intended use of DDD maybe it could be 


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