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Re: Desktop-specific Kernel Patch - win4lin?

Am Saturday, 2. October 2004 22:09 schrieb Michael Banck:
> > there was some talk earlier about what kernel patches could be included - 
> > I can't really say what patches would improve desktop performance, 
> Why use a different kernel at all? That sounds like major PITA to
> maintain.

Maybe maintaining a debian-desktop patchset and applying that to the newly 
released debian kernels would work ok - don't know enough about the 
automation processes that make up debian.
I had the impression there were some things that make a special ddd kernel a 
good idea. Like some form of auto mounting (though that seems to be 
completely possible in userspace), a bootsplashscreen, performance 
improvements like seen in other distributions and - maybe - compatibility 
stuff like the win4lin idea.
Since I would not be the one maintaining it I can't say if it's worth the 
effort of course.

> > I guess such a Desktop system will attract quite a few users looking
> > for a way to run their last legacy windows apps in their new system.
> > After actually seeing win4lin not long ago I think I will get it
> > myself and do away with the otherwise necessary dual boot. So users
> > might be ok with the tax on the software - but might be looking for an
> > OS that makes it easy to install it.
> What's wrong with using WINE or Crossover Office? You do not need to use
> a kernel patch for that (and in case Win4Lin needs a valid Windows
> license, you don't need that either)

I have not tried CrossOver Office but I know it runs supported applications 
(like MS Office or IE) better than Wine, but I've always found Wine to be a 
bit lacking if your really need a certain app to work.
My specific 'benchmark' here is Corel Photo-Paint since that's an application 
actually needed - I've failed to install the old and unmaintained Linux 
Version 9 (uses Wine) and couldn't get version 10 to run with standard Wine.
I don't doubt it can be done though - I just couldn't.
It's just an example but this application is simply needed and can't be 
substituted by gimp or something else unfortunately here.

> > I realize than there can't be a patch for every little commercial app
> > that might need one, but given the intended use of DDD maybe it could
> > be considered.
> I don't see how executing Windows applications will further the goal of
> Linux on the Desktop. Others might have a different opinion.

Yes, that's a whole topic of it's own I think. Using and maintaining several 
windows systems myself I disagree. It's simply not possible for many users to 
leave all their long used windows applications behind and start from scratch 
with Linux - even though they might want to leave Windows behind, they can't 
just leave the applications. Thus I think providing easy means to keep using 
existing applications  in a new environment is an important step to attract 
new users.
It's just like having known applications like Firefox, gaim, psi or Opera 
available on Windows helps Linux adoption since users can stick to what they 
already know and don't have to re-learn _everything_,

Christoph Wiesen

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