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Re: Desktop-specific Kernel Patch - win4lin?

On Sat, Oct 02, 2004 at 09:57:30PM +0200, Christoph Wiesen wrote:
> there was some talk earlier about what kernel patches could be included - I 
> can't really say what patches would improve desktop performance, 

Why use a different kernel at all? That sounds like major PITA to

> While I think that the fact that win4lin is a commercial product and is even 
> used to run windows might make this undesireable for debian developers (don't 
> know - is this the case?) 

Opinions vary I guess.

> I guess such a Desktop system will attract quite a few users looking
> for a way to run their last legacy windows apps in their new system.
> After actually seeing win4lin not long ago I think I will get it
> myself and do away with the otherwise necessary dual boot. So users
> might be ok with the tax on the software - but might be looking for an
> OS that makes it easy to install it.

What's wrong with using WINE or Crossover Office? You do not need to use
a kernel patch for that (and in case Win4Lin needs a valid Windows
license, you don't need that either)

> I realize than there can't be a patch for every little commercial app
> that might need one, but given the intended use of DDD maybe it could
> be considered.

I don't see how executing Windows applications will further the goal of
Linux on the Desktop. Others might have a different opinion.


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