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Re: Debian Desktop... but which Debian on my Desktop... now?!

> Sounds good to me. Hotplug would take care of auto-creating directories to
> mount newly attached storage as well?
> The admin in me ask: But I can disable auto-execution of
> dvd/konqueror/whatever when a CD is mounted, right?

Yes :)

> > Thanks for your comprehensive vision. :) A kalyxo-settings package
> > shouldn't be too far away. $KDEDIRS makes handling of applications
> > settings *very* nice.
> Can you explain that a bit more? How would such a settings package work? I
> thought it would make most sense to include any changes to the default
> settings into the specific applications own package - so that there would
> always be this ddd/kalyxo standard be used.
> So there will be an extra package that changes the settings from what they
> are when you only install the specific applications package?
> I don't really understand it - would there be all changes to every
> application included in such an extra package? How would this work when
> there are updated versions upstream and some of the settings don't make
> sense or have to be changed again.. mmmh =)

Yes. Kalyxo releases will not be changed once they are released. Except for 
security issues and important bugs of course. The package can therefore 
provide settings that are suitable for that particular stable version.

However, some packages will have to be tweaked.

*/ Christoffer Sawicki <qerub@home.se>

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