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Re: Debian Desktop... but which Debian on my Desktop... now?!

> > supermount is considered a hack. ervin of Kalyxo is working on a media:/
> > kioslave for KDE which I believe will solve a lot for us. I don't
> > remember the latest plan on how to automount stuff though. :-) I'll ask.
> If DDD / Kalyxo Debian ships with that it would rock just a bit more =)

I just talked with ervin and the plan is too use something like supermount for 
floppies and some clever KDE stuff together with CDDE [0] for CDs. Hotplug 
will do removable storage. Please note that this is not definite. :)

[0] http://ericlathrop.com/cdde/

> - a QT'ified Firefox might be tremendously cool, though I doubt it can be
> done without much effort. I wouldn't use it myself, but it's a pretty good
> standard browser - Konqueror will do just fine though of course and
> personally I'd prefer it.

It's already been done actually by Zack Rusing and Lars Knoll of KDE and Qt 
fame. It has currently pending checkin to Mozilla CVS. We'll see.

> - should be fast. I've been spoiled by Yoper lately and we've discussed
> that on the list before.
> Debian is already resonably fast, maybe there are some more Kernel patches
> like those in Con Kolivas' patchset to improve performance - prelinking by
> default might be nice too.

Yer, a desktop kernel... The problem for me is too find out which patches to 
use for it. Prelinking is already planned. Initial prelinking will be done in 
the last phase of d-i or around base-config. :)

> - here's the worst point for me at the moment: it should be available
> now... or _soon_ not in three or six month

Well... Not to much we can do about it, we have other things to do aswell.

>  I would not ask you to do everything the way *I* think is best of course -
> but what still stops me from doing some packages of my own (at least for
> KDE) is that there is not _the_ base system I'd like to fully use and
> support yet (Debian Unstable is maybe a bit too much of a moving target for
> me right now) and that I don't get it what would be necessary to change
> application default settings, so that if I isntall this package any user
> using the software would have the same (changed) defaults, when they first
> launch the application. I could try to help where I can if there is need to
> with DDD / Kalyxo KDE integration, though.

Thanks for your comprehensive vision. :) A kalyxo-settings package shouldn't 
be too far away. $KDEDIRS makes handling of applications settings *very* 

*/ Christoffer Sawicki <qerub@home.se>

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