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Re: Debian Desktop... but which Debian on my Desktop... now?!

Am Freitag, 1. Oktober 2004 14:16 schrieb Christoffer Sawicki:
> > > supermount is considered a hack. ervin of Kalyxo is working on a
> > > media:/ kioslave for KDE which I believe will solve a lot for us. I
> > > don't remember the latest plan on how to automount stuff though. :-)
> > > I'll ask.
> >
> > If DDD / Kalyxo Debian ships with that it would rock just a bit more =)
> I just talked with ervin and the plan is too use something like supermount
> for floppies and some clever KDE stuff together with CDDE [0] for CDs.
> Hotplug will do removable storage. Please note that this is not definite.
> :)
> [0] http://ericlathrop.com/cdde/

Sounds good to me. Hotplug would take care of auto-creating directories to 
mount newly attached storage as well?
The admin in me ask: But I can disable auto-execution of 
dvd/konqueror/whatever when a CD is mounted, right?

> > - a QT'ified Firefox might be tremendously cool, though I doubt it can be
> > done without much effort. I wouldn't use it myself, but it's a pretty
> > good standard browser - Konqueror will do just fine though of course and
> > personally I'd prefer it.
> It's already been done actually by Zack Rusing and Lars Knoll of KDE and Qt
> fame. It has currently pending checkin to Mozilla CVS. We'll see.

I've heard a lot about the QT'fication of Gecko, so that it can use QT's 
native widgets and be used inside KDE applications like Konqueror instead of 
KHTML - didn't know there already is a port of the whole Firefox browser to 
QT - but this sounds great. Firefox with useable file-dialoges and 
non-strange button order :)

> > - should be fast. I've been spoiled by Yoper lately and we've discussed
> > that on the list before.
> > Debian is already resonably fast, maybe there are some more Kernel
> > patches like those in Con Kolivas' patchset to improve performance -
> > prelinking by default might be nice too.
> Yer, a desktop kernel... The problem for me is too find out which patches
> to use for it. Prelinking is already planned. Initial prelinking will be
> done in the last phase of d-i or around base-config. :)
> > - here's the worst point for me at the moment: it should be available
> > now... or _soon_ not in three or six month
> Well... Not to much we can do about it, we have other things to do aswell.
I couldn't expect that ;) Just keep up the good work - only thing is that I 
think it's not very transparent to end users whats happening right now - I've 
read somewheer a week or two ago the DDD project would be dead. I suppose 
that has just been coming from someone who did't hear anything about it 
lately and therefor thought that.

> >  I would not ask you to do everything the way *I* think is best of course
> > - but what still stops me from doing some packages of my own (at least
> > for KDE) is that there is not _the_ base system I'd like to fully use and
> > support yet (Debian Unstable is maybe a bit too much of a moving target
> > for me right now) and that I don't get it what would be necessary to
> > change application default settings, so that if I isntall this package
> > any user using the software would have the same (changed) defaults, when
> > they first launch the application. I could try to help where I can if
> > there is need to with DDD / Kalyxo KDE integration, though.
> Thanks for your comprehensive vision. :) A kalyxo-settings package
> shouldn't be too far away. $KDEDIRS makes handling of applications settings
> *very* nice.

Can you explain that a bit more? How would such a settings package work? I 
thought it would make most sense to include any changes to the default 
settings into the specific applications own package - so that there would 
always be this ddd/kalyxo standard be used.
So there will be an extra package that changes the settings from what they are 
when you only install the specific applications package?
I don't really understand it - would there be all changes to every application 
included in such an extra package? How would this work when there are updated 
versions upstream and some of the settings don't make sense or have to be 
changed again.. mmmh =)

Christoph Wiesen

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