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Re: Yoper and DDD performance


I'll *try* to comment the things that make Yoper so fast and what Debian (or 
DDD) can do about it...

List taken from http://www.yoper.com/forum2/index.php?showtopic=1010:
0.) Performance patches from Con Kolivas, i686 2.6.7 kernel, reiserfs
1.) All original sources, minimal patches.
2.) Compiled with i686 against latest gcc
3.) Stripping
4.) Prelinking
5.) Latest gcc and glibc and other sources
6.) Keep everything only dependent to what it really needs not what 
the ./configure happens to find.
7.) Hdparm on install

0) A kernel streamlined for desktop usage would be nice. I'm prepared to 
invest some time in this. Newer d-i can let the user select between different 
kernels so with some preseeding (or DDD udeb or something) we can make d-i 
install a desktop kernel when it's apt.

1) I believe Debian handles this very well already.

2) If someone could show *real* proof that this makes apps much faster, I'm 
pretty sure Debian would reconsider having a subarch for i686. DDD *could* 
provide buildds on its town that built for i686 but I feel we wouldn't make 

3) This is already done. Or it can be done with an extra line in crontab. :)

4) Hack up a prelink udeb that installs prelink, activates it and prelinks. (I 
*might* look into this.)

5-6) Debian is pretty good with these too IMHO.

7) I don't know about this, it's not really desktop specific. Something for 

*/ Christoffer Sawicki <qerub@home.se>

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