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Re: My vision of Debtop (complete version)

* Matthew A. Nicholson (matt@matt-land.com) disait :
> The design of Y can be found here.  I have ordered the documents in order 
> from the easiest and quickest read on.

Y is really a nice stuff but don't you think it's a little bit young ?
If we make Debtop depends on such a young project (correct me if I'm
wrong) this will lead to a very slow growing project...

> Now I know I seem wildly and stupidly ambitious (because I am) but I am a 
> firm believer that this can be done (look at the linux kernel).  Perhpaps a 
> few talented, ambitious, and stupidly idealistic artists, programmers, and 
> developers get together with a few seasoned, fed up with desktop Linux, 
> reality oriented, old hat developers, artists, and developers this thing 
> could happen.
> Not saying that current technologies could not be used, but Microsoft is 
> rewriting windows for longhorn, why can't we do the same for desktop linux?

Well... that's as ambitious as exciting, but is that realistic ?

I mean, maybe we should focus on a solution that merges all that points :

- The best features (almost all what you said)
- A nice implementation
- A massive use of existing software for preventing us to reinventing
  the wheel (a well known concept ;-)

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