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Re: My vision of Debtop (complete version)

Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
* Matthew A. Nicholson (matt@matt-land.com) disait :

The design of Y can be found here. I have ordered the documents in order from the easiest and quickest read on.

Y is really a nice stuff but don't you think it's a little bit young ?
If we make Debtop depends on such a young project (correct me if I'm
wrong) this will lead to a very slow growing project...

Sure it's young, but if it works, and it's compatible with existing solutions then no one will care, and quite frankly, the average desktop user dosen't care anyway...

Now I know I seem wildly and stupidly ambitious (because I am) but I am a firm believer that this can be done (look at the linux kernel). Perhpaps a few talented, ambitious, and stupidly idealistic artists, programmers, and developers get together with a few seasoned, fed up with desktop Linux, reality oriented, old hat developers, artists, and developers this thing could happen.

Not saying that current technologies could not be used, but Microsoft is rewriting windows for longhorn, why can't we do the same for desktop linux?

Well... that's as ambitious as exciting, but is that realistic ?

No, it's not realistic at all.

I mean, maybe we should focus on a solution that merges all that points :

- The best features (almost all what you said)
- A nice implementation
- A massive use of existing software for preventing us to reinventing
  the wheel (a well known concept ;-)

I agree, in the short run we should build something from existing things, and learn from our experiences, but a lot of the code that exists now is old and crusty and kinda of peiced together. For example, both GNOME and KDE are solutions to the same problems with X. And X it self has it's own problems...

What I am trying to say it computer desktops as we know it all have problems, even windows and mac and expecially linux. Starting from scratch (not really from scratch) is a good idea.

Matthew A. Nicholson

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