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Re: MTA configured to handle local mail by default

Am Wednesday 28 April 2004 19:51 schrieb Daniel Cardenas - AZ:

> I'm thinking of a networked world, where all of our data is accessible
> from anywhere all of the time.

Yes, no opposition from here, that is somthing for the MUA configuration 
though. The System itself needs a simple localy functional MTA to send 
messeges to its users etc. That is a nice feature MUA should be configured 
for it by default. The MTA should just work seamlessly out of the box though. 
MTAs doing network requests when configured to be local-only have certainly a 
configuration bug.

> while away.  For a notebook user I can see a good argument for storing
> them in both places.  What do you think?

I think my notebook needs a network filesystem /home with disconnected 
operation that syncs up automaticly ;-) (intermezzo, reiser4?)

Personaly I prefer receiving (SMTP) or fetching (pop3) mail localy and use 
IMAP only within the lan or in environments where allways-on connections are 
available (VPN etc.). Never liked imap on notebooks with sometimes only 
occasionaly dial-up.


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