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Re: MTA configured to handle local mail by default

C. Gatzemeier wrote:
Hi Daniel,  
How/Who is collecting ideas for default packages for debian desktop?
AFAIK they are kept on the wiki.

Thanks got it.
 Sendmail has a
friendlier set of prompts, but both of these packages have slowed down
system startup when not configured optimally.
Worse, even with the presumably correct "stand alone" selection for the 
average desktop machine the default configuration is taking the time to time 
out some network requests on boot. (see bug filed agains exim4)

I think a MTA should defenitaly be installed though configured to handle local 
mail by default. And MUAs should all look for local mail out of the box 
anyway, wich unfortunately seems not to be the case with many of the desktop 
MUAs (desktops tend to ignore the goods of the system too much).

I'm thinking of a networked world, where all of our data is accessible from anywhere all of the time.  Storing mail on a dedicated server seems like the right place, rather than on a home pc.  Perhaps using IMAP on the server.  That way I can access my mail from my PDA or cell phone while away.  For a notebook user I can see a good argument for storing them in both places.  What do you think?

Thanks, Daniel


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