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Re: The Meeting

Matthew A. Nicholson wrote:
So when are we going to have the IRC meeting? It seems right now we have three possible times:

Thurs Feb 26 0:00 GMT
Wed Feb 25 21:00 GMT
Thurs Feb 26 21:00 GMT
Sun Feb 29 21:00 GMT

We need to choose one soon....

Stuff already said:

Martin Loschwitz:
I saw somebody decided to do a meeting on IRC on Thurs Feb 26 0:00 GMT.
Do you see any chances for switching to another point in time? I live in
GMT+1 and 1:00 would be way late, esp. since I have to go to school the
next day. As I would like to participate in this meeting, I think that
something like 22:00 GMT+1 would be great.

Matthew Nicholson:
Hmmm... I can't make that time. Maybe a sunday would be better. It would not make sense to have a meeting without the project leader... How does Sun Feb 29 21:00 GMT sound?

Sunday here too.

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