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Re: Bits from me

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 11:24:25 -0600, Joel Konkle-Parker <jjk3@msstate.edu> wrote:

Martin Loschwitz wrote:


For one, of course one problem is that the software we distribute in the
Debian release which is called 'stable' is quite too old to be useful for anyone who needs current desktop software. It would be absolutely, and if
I say absolutely I mean absolutely, necessary, to fix this situation. If
there is one instance inside of Debian which has this duty, then it is up to us to create something which gives the user more actual software while
not being completely unstable.

Problem: Software in "stable" is too old.

Anyway, those are just some ideas to toss around. I don't think a seperate Debian-Desktop distribution is the answer, although I don't see any reason we couldn't make and host our own "updates" repository.

I agree that a seperate distribution is not the answer we are looking for here. Then we would become just another debian derative. This project aims to make a desktop Debian. Creating new repositories, wether an updates repositority, or different testing and stable repos is the best way to deal with this. Of course this is the precise reason I suggested we have a meeting.

Matthew A. Nicholson

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