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StarlingX looking at alternatives to CentOS

Hi There Debian Folks,

I am a member of the StarlingX Community [0], which is a cloud infrastructure stack that presents Kubernetes, containerized OpenStack along with a grouping (flock) of management tools.

We had been based on CentOS-7 and were in the process of moving to CentOS-8 when the rug got pulled out from under us with its early EOL. StarlingX uses a custom kernel and patches some userspace with a custom build system based around mock and rpmbuild.

We are trying to understand a number of different aspects to the decisions we need to make around moving to a Debian based derivative.

We would like to contribute to the Debian eco-system as well of course.

Our concerns have to do with
1) Build Tooling
We have been looking at pbuilder and debbuild, ,but want to understand if there are automated building scripts (I did find buildd).

2) LTS / CVE support for Buster
I have seen the information on the Debian Wiki pages about releases and Security team, but I am trying to understand better what LTS means vs what the Security team does.

3) Status of Bullseye
Again I have seen the release pages.

4) building custom kernel
Mostly, I know how to handle kernels and rebuilding, just wondering if there is any Debian specific concerns.

5) lots of other considerations around patching userspace, adding missing packages to the debian ecosystem, creating custom repos (either with DAK or repropro).

6) other unknowns of transitioning from CentOS -> Debian

I have looked around the Debian Wiki pages.

Thanks in advance for your time.


[0] https://www.starlingx.io

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