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EMF Blocking Fabric and WIFI Blocking Nickel-Copper Polyester Fabric

We are located in China.
We produce RFID/EMF/EMI/RF shielding conductive fabrics.
Our main products are as below:
1. Copper nickel conductive fabrics,
2. Copper conductive fabrics,
3. Silver conductive fabrics,
4. Silver conductive mesh,
5. Silver conductive threads,
6. Stainless steel conductive fabrics,
7. Conductive tapes,
8. EMI shielding pouches.

Function:RFID /EMF/EMI/RF shielding,Anti-radiation,Anti-static,Antibacterial,shielding WIFI or phone signal.
Uses:Shielding canopy,curtains,mosquito nets,clothes or clothes lining,or other shielding purpose.

Are you interested in our RFID/EMF/EMI/RF shielding conductive fabric and mesh?

Best Regards
Rambo Zhu
China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,Ltd
E-mail: info@chinashielding.com
Website: www.chinashielding.com

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