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Debian derivatives census: Donau: welcome!

Hi Rareș,

I would like to welcome yourself and Donau to the Debian derivatives
census! Would you like to take this opportunity to introduce yourself
and Donau to us all? 


One feature of Donau seems to be that you have developed your own
desktop for the distribution called Frauenbach. Hopefully you are
willing to share more information about it with us and create a page on
your website about, but in the meantime here is a video of the desktop
for readers of the derivatives mailing list to take a look at.


It would be great if you could join our mailing list and IRC channel:


I would encourage you to look at Debian's guidelines for derivatives:


You may want to look at our census QA page, some of the mails from
there may apply to Donau.


You don't appear to be subscribed to the Donau census page,
I've made a change to the Donau census page:


Would it be possible for you to add the Donau sources.list to the wiki
page? This will eventually help feed back patches and new packages to
Debian developers.

I note that Donau is based on Debian stretch. The Debian release team
recently released a timeline for the freeze for the next Debian stable
release. I would encourage you to review it and prepare your plans for
rebasing on the next Debian release (buster).


A great way to help ensure that the next Debian release is working well
is to install and run the how-can-i-help tool and try to work on any
issues that come up.


The page says Donau uses 'Debian' as the dpkg vendor. It is important
that Debian derivatives set this properly on installed systems to
something other than 'Debian' and mention the value of the field in the
derivatives census.


There doesn't appear to be an RSS feed for the Donau news page or a
blog aggregator (and RSS feed) for Donau developers. If these existed
they would be syndicated on Planet Debian derivatives and would help
the Debian community find out the things that are happening in Donau.


There doesn't appear to be Debian local group in Romania but there are
a couple of Debian contributors you might be interested in meeting.


This year the annual Debian conference is in Curitiba, Brazil. It would
be great if developers from Donau could attend DebConf. If this isn't
possible, next year DebConf will be in Haifa, Israel.


I would encourage any attendees to volunteer to ensure the continued
the success of the annual Debian conference, here are some examples of
things that need helpers.


Please feel free to circulate this mail within the Donau team.



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