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Re: "debian.pool.ntp.org" for Debian derivatives?

* Ian Jackson:

>> PS: Paying that extra money to ntp.org would certainly not kill use, but
>> adding that money instead to our currently already existing support of
>> Debian-LTS / DebConf sponsoring / ... would probably benefit a lot more
>> Debian (downstream) users and developers.
> I wasn't aware that they charged commercial entities in this kind of
> situation but that seems reasonable to me.  IDK how much the charge
> is.  You are getting a service from pool.ntp.org, and as a commercial
> entity you should pay your suppliers.

Just to be clear: the fee goes to the pool operator, not the server
operators.  The actual service is donated without an expectation of
compensation, or the compensation is kind, say for enabling network
mapping and port scanning of IPv6 hosts.

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