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"debian.pool.ntp.org" for Debian derivatives?


our business model is to we sell support for our own Debian based
distribution "Univention Corporate Server":

I recently had a discussion about NTP and their pool concept per vendor:
<http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/vendors.html>, but one question remains:

Are we (as a Debian derivate) allowed to hard-code and use the
"debian.pool.ntp.org" or must we apply for our own pool?

This might be interesting for other derivatives as well.

Thanks for any answer
Philipp (AKA pmhahn@debian.org)

PS: Paying that extra money to ntp.org would certainly not kill use, but
adding that money instead to our currently already existing support of
Debian-LTS / DebConf sponsoring / ... would probably benefit a lot more
Debian (downstream) users and developers.
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