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Re: Debian derivatives census: AIMS Desktop: welcome!

On Tue, 2017-06-13 at 09:47 +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:

> Thanks, will take care of these. Is there a script that checks for this?





> Indeed, that doesn't exist yet, but we intend to set up some form of a
> blog later on.

OK, cool.

BTW, I don't see AIMS Desktop mentioned in the latest AIMS newsletter :)

> We have lots of local Debian interest, but no debian-specific local
> groups yet. I considered organising some sprints and release parties,
> but I'm somewhat overloaded already and hesitant to take on anything
> more, but if I get more of my high-priority tasks out of the way I would
> really like to invest some time in organising our local community.

Ok, fair enough.

> Thanks, I got my visa and still need to book my flights, thanks for the
> reminder :)

Great :)

> It went really well, some students have been running stretch since
> January and the feedback has been positive. The biggest problem so far
> is websites pointing to Launchpad.net PPAs (which don't support Debian).
> Thankfully the majority of useful software is already in Debian, so this
> isn't a huge problem but for some people, it can cause some frustration.

Unfortunately Canonical isn't going to be adding Debian to their PPAs.

> I run it on my personal machine, but I'm not sure it would be a good
> default for AIMS Desktop since seeing links to bug reports might be
> confusing to users who don't know what how-can-help is. I'll add a
> section on the AIMS Desktop website on ways to contribute back, and
> mention that there.

Yeah, sounds good. I was mainly referring to AIMS Desktop developers
running hcih, I would not expect end-users to do that :)

> Thanks for all the pointers and all your work on debian-derivatives (and
> sorry for my slacking involvement in it, but having been on this side of
> the process is useful for learning more about that too!)

Some more info about the census stuff is here:


You can run the census anywhere, the only thing that can't be run
anywhere is the patch generation, because that queries the Debian
snapshot database and filesystem directly. I haven't found time to add
support for using the snapshot API yet unfortunately.



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