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Re: Debian derivatives census: AIMS Desktop: welcome!

Hi Paul

On 13/06/2017 07:55, Paul Wise wrote:
> https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census/AIMS_Desktop?action=info
> The page says that AIMS Desktop modifies Debian binary packages. It is
> quite rare that distributions modify Debian binary packages instead of
> modifying source packages and rebuilding them. Does AIMS Desktop
> actually do this? If so could you describe what kind of modifications
> you are making? If not I guess the page needs to be fixed.

Ah right, I misinterpreted the template. Fixed in page.

> Some of the Release files in the apt repository for AIMS Desktop are
> missing the Valid-Until header, which allows clients to find out when
> active network attackers are holding back newer Release files. At
> minimum, rolling releases and suites containing security updates should
> have this header. With reprepro you can use the ValidFor config option.
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianRepository/Format#Date.2C_Valid-Until

Thanks for the tip, will do.

> The apt repository for AIMS Desktop does not contain source packages
> for a few binary packages versions, which might be a GPL violation.
> calamares 2.4.2-1~aimsppa2
> calamares 2.4.3-1~aimsppa1
> calamares 2.4.4-1
> kpmcore 2.1.1-1~ppa1
> kpmcore 2.2.1-1

Thanks, will take care of these. Is there a script that checks for this?
Our package infrastructure is still quite primitive so it would be nice
to check regularly for this.

> There doesn't appear to be a AIMS Desktop blog or a blog aggregator for
> AIMS Desktop developers. If these existed they would be syndicated on
> Planet Debian derivatives and would help the Debian community find out
> the things that are happening in AIMS Desktop.
> http://planet.debian.org/deriv/

Indeed, that doesn't exist yet, but we intend to set up some form of a
blog later on.

> If there are any Debian groups in South Africa, it would be great to
> document them here:
> https://wiki.debian.org/LocalGroups

We have lots of local Debian interest, but no debian-specific local
groups yet. I considered organising some sprints and release parties,
but I'm somewhat overloaded already and hesitant to take on anything
more, but if I get more of my high-priority tasks out of the way I would
really like to invest some time in organising our local community.

> Thanks for your involvement in DebConf16 orga and I hope you will be
> able to make it to DebConf17 and DebConf18 :)

Thanks, I got my visa and still need to book my flights, thanks for the
reminder :)

> It sounds like you have your preparations for Debian stretch well
> underway with students testing RC images just yesterday.
> https://plus.google.com/+JonathanCarter/posts/EuEUcwwAVq7

It went really well, some students have been running stretch since
January and the feedback has been positive. The biggest problem so far
is websites pointing to Launchpad.net PPAs (which don't support Debian).
Thankfully the majority of useful software is already in Debian, so this
isn't a huge problem but for some people, it can cause some frustration.

> A great way to help ensure that the next Debian release working well is
> to install and run the how-can-i-help tool and try to work on any
> issues that come up.

I run it on my personal machine, but I'm not sure it would be a good
default for AIMS Desktop since seeing links to bug reports might be
confusing to users who don't know what how-can-help is. I'll add a
section on the AIMS Desktop website on ways to contribute back, and
mention that there.

Thanks for all the pointers and all your work on debian-derivatives (and
sorry for my slacking involvement in it, but having been on this side of
the process is useful for learning more about that too!)


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