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Re: Maemo patches

On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 5:01 AM, Pali Rohár wrote:

> Hi! I found this interesting page: http://deriv.debian.net/Maemo/
> It contains generated diff of every Maemo package from SDK repo against
> original Debian package. It is really useful to check what was changes
> and how.

Glad you found it useful :)

> There is an idea to compile some parts of Maemo under new Debian and
> that page with information about patches could help.

Do you have any more info (links etc) about this idea?

I would love to see Maemo rebased on Debian stretch and useful changes
merged into Debian.

> Could it be possible to prepare such deriv page, but just for Maemo 5?
> So output will contains only Maemo 5 packages, not old Maemo 4, 3 and 2.

I think it would be better to annotate the sources.patches files with
information about which sources.list each patch is for. I would
suggest changing the format from a single list of patches to a dict
with sources.list entries as keys and lists of patches as values. To
do this you would need to modify the process_sources function in the
compare-source-package-list script and also update the
aggregate-sources-patches script to handle the new format. This would
be useful for all of the derivatives and consumers could use it to
filter the list. The code is here if you are willing to supply a


Unfortunately you won't be able to test it (unless you are a Debian
member) because the compare-source-package-list script only supports
being run on the snapshot.debian.org infrastructure at this stage. I
also would be happy to accept a patch to use the snapshot API instead
of directly accessing the database and filesystem.




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