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Maemo patches

Hi! I found this interesting page: http://deriv.debian.net/Maemo/

It contains generated diff of every Maemo package from SDK repo against 
original Debian package. It is really useful to check what was changes 
and how.

There is an idea to compile some parts of Maemo under new Debian and 
that page with information about patches could help.

But... it contains patches for packages in Maemo 2, Maemo 3, Maemo 4 and 
Maemo 5 as specified in http://deriv.debian.net/Maemo/sources.list

Could it be possible to prepare such deriv page, but just for Maemo 5? 
So output will contains only Maemo 5 packages, not old Maemo 4, 3 and 2.

Pali Rohár

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