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Re: Debian derivatives census: OpenNetLinux: welcome!

On Tue, 2016-04-05 at 22:47 -0700, Steven Noble wrote:

> I think I am saying things incorrectly as it appears that dkms is
> related to kernel modules which we do not ship in our releases.
> To that point, end users are free to install whatever they would
> like, such as using code from projects like OpenNSL and ofdpa, which
> provide versions of their kernel modules on github.
> For the non-gpl driver libraries, I have no right to distribute the
> source for those, only binaries.

I was assuming when you mentioned drivers you meant Linux kernel
drivers, but it sounds like you mean userspace drivers using CUSE or
FUSE etc, which are less likely to lead to GPL violations.

> I don't modify any debian source code that I am aware of. I do use
> kernel patches, but those patches are pulled from companies like
> cumulus. I did put the sources for the binaries that I am
> redistributing in a sources directory but dpdk-scanpackage does not
> seem to like how I did it, so they are not showing up.

dpkg-scansources should be used for source packages, but I'm not sure
if you are creating Debian source packages or not.

> Thanks for the pointer, I will look again, but my understanding is
> that the processor built into the broadcom soc is armel, ARMv7a.

Almost all ARMv7 SoCs support armhf too, do you know which SoC?

The wiki page says:

"Currently the Debian armhf port requires at least an ARMv7 CPU with
Thumb-2 and VFP3D16."

> Although I was unable to find any documentation saying so, It appears
> that the vendor string has to be a single word. We are using "Open
> Network Linux" in our .deb creation, which fails if we try to use it
> as a vendor string in origins. If this is the case, I will update our
> tool to use OpenNetworkLinux instead.

The documentation for the origin files doesn't give any info about
restrictions on the vendor name, but it sounds like they are arbitrary
text rather than limited to a single word. The dpkg vendor info on the
wiki page isn't yet processed in any way. What error do you get?




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