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Re: Debian derivatives census: OpenNetLinux: welcome!

On Tue, 2016-04-05 at 10:28 -0700, Steven Noble wrote:

> Responses inline.

Thanks for that, interesting stuff. More below.

> ONL also provides binary only closed source drivers for certain
> Broadcom chips and systems due to licensing restrictions.

How are you complying with the GPL here? For Debian, closed drivers can
only be distributed by us as source code and the compilation happens on
end-user systems using dkms, anything else would be a GPL violation.

> My mistake, filling out the form required a lot of information and I
> chose the wrong one, I have updated it.  We build using a generic
> Debian image using buildroot.

This has been a recurring problem, I wonder how I can reword that
particular item to make it more clear.

> I do have to admit that it is not completely clear how things should
> be laid out and that I have taken a lot of information from looking
> at other repositories.  We have our system that builds the repository
> data and I will look into how we can add a Release file.

I'm not sure which archive tool you are using (as your census page
doesn't contain that information) but most of the existing tools that
are popular for creating Debian repositories will do the right thing.


The Debian apt repository format is mostly defined by the
implementations but there is some documentation here:


> I take pride in being as open and compliant as possible when it comes
> to licenses.  While we do have limited disk space on the apt server,
> I will look into pulling the sources in for any packages that we have
> mirrored the binaries for.

Great, thanks. This is especially important for packages where you have
modified the source code, as Debian systems will automatically generate
patches from your source packages to present to Debian maintainers.


> armel is very, very new (the main pull was yesterday) and has not
> been announced yet.  We have not pushed any packages to the repo yet,
> but will do soon.

I note that you wrote armv7 in the architectures list, but armel is
armv4t IIRC. I think you should probably look at armhf instead:


> I am looking into this, once I understand how to generate it I will
> put it into the build system.

IIRC it is simply a patch to base-files to put ONL information in
/etc/dpkg/origins/opennetworklinux and change the default symlink.

> Historically and now, we have always worked with other NOS vendors
> including Cumulus, Pica8 and others.  Our software has been available
> for many years and is used for quite a few projects.

I hadn't heard of Pica8, thanks. I note that they seem to be Debian
based, so I will invite them to join the census too.



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