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Re: repo tools

+++ Powers, Joshua [2015-04-08 20:05 +0000]:
> Hi debian-derivatives,
> I work on hLinux, HP's Debian derivative that is used with HP Helion. I unfortunately was unable to attend DebConf last year, however a colleague of mine gave a talk about hLinux in Portland. One of the key pieces of feedback we received was to go out and use existing tools to manage our repo. Looking back a year ago when we started this endeavor we quickly tried a few tools, but in the rush to get our first product out the door we eventually ended up writing our own tools that wrapped around tools like dpkg-scanpackages, dpkg-scansources, and apt-ftparchive for example.

> I have looked at the wiki with a large list of possible tools [1],
> but I was curious to know what tools other derivatives are using to
> build their repos?

Emdebian has used reprepro for about a decade. And Linaro uses it, and
ARM uses it and I use it whenever I need a repo. It's very capable,
and flexible, and at the same time quite strict (tries hard to stop
you doing 'bad things' which you will later regret). The docs are good
and the author is very helpful if you hit issues. Some internals are
exposed in a useful way too.

inoticoming is very handy too for automatic processing of uploads.

I've always found that I can get reprepro to do what I want (using
multiple repos if need be). Deciding when to share a repo and when to
have multiple ones is the main thing you need to think about when
deciding how to lay things out (one repo can never have two different
versions of a package with the same name/version/arch)

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