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Re: repo tools


2015-04-08 22:05 GMT+02:00 Powers, Joshua <joshua.powers@hp.com>:
> Hi debian-derivatives,
> I work on hLinux, HP's Debian derivative that is used with HP Helion. I unfortunately was unable to attend DebConf last year, however a colleague of mine gave a talk about hLinux in Portland. One of the key pieces of feedback we received was to go out and use existing tools to manage our repo. Looking back a year ago when we started this endeavor we quickly tried a few tools, but in the rush to get our first product out the door we eventually ended up writing our own tools that wrapped around tools like dpkg-scanpackages, dpkg-scansources, and apt-ftparchive for example.
> I have looked at the wiki with a large list of possible tools [#], but I was curious to know what tools other derivatives are using to build their repos?

At Tanglu, we use dak[1] to build the archive, a patches version of
Britney[2] to perform package migrations from the incoming suite to
the development suite, and Debile[3] for package building and
additional QA, like Lintian tests.
All these services are glued together by Rapidumo, a collection of
tools and Python modules to make maintaining the archive easier (e.g.
for synchronization with Debian, automatic package installability
tests, etc.[4]).

Some of that stuff is used by Debian already, or developed for other
purposes than Tanglu - We hope some of the changes can flow back to
Debian later or make it easier to set up derivatives, when the code
became mature enough.


[1]: http://ftp-master.tanglu.org/
[2]: https://gitlab.com/tanglu/britney2/tree/master
[3]: http://blog.pault.ag/post/58473626251/debile-formerly-debuild-me
, buildd.tanglu.org
[4]: http://qa.tanglu.org/

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