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Re: repo tools


Powers, Joshua wrote (08 Apr 2015 20:05:45 GMT) :
> I have looked at the wiki with a large list of possible tools [1], but I was curious
> to know what tools other derivatives are using to build their repos?

We at Tails have been using reprepro for our *overlay* APT suites for
years. It got slugish when we had hundreds of suites, but now that
we've cleaned them up it's fast enough again for our needs, so I guess
we'll just go on using it for this first use case.

We'll soon also host our own copy of a subset of the Debian archive,
that we sync every N weeks, and it's still not clear what tool we're
going to use. I still want to give reprepro a try to see how it scales
to ~2k packages per snapshot, and a new such snapshot every N weeks;
I was told it wouldn't work, but I'd love to hear feedback from people
who've actually tried it.

We're also considering aptly (http://www.aptly.info/) for that second
use case of ours, and would be happy to get feedback from people who
have been using/evaluating it.


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