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Re: Debian derivatives census: Cumulus Linux: welcome!

On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 4:48 AM, Nolan Leake wrote:

> We make a distro we call Cumulus Linux, which runs on network switches.  You
> can see the switches that we currently run on here:
> http://cumulusnetworks.com/support/linux-hardware-compatibility-list/
> Unlike traditional proprietary switch OSes, we expose the existing
> networking functionality in the Linux kernel.  The packet forwarding is done
> via a specialized ASIC, for example, a Broadcom Trident II can forward
> 1.28Terabits/sec in a 1U switch.  An easy way to think about it is that we
> hardware accelerate the Linux kernel's forwarding functionality.

I think it is pretty excellent to see movement towards less
proprietary core network equipment.

> Everything is available at oss.cumulusnetworks.com as patches or packages.
> Adding a proper source repo is being worked on now, to make this more
> convenient.

Good to hear, thanks.

> We remove some files from the binary packages to reduce size.  We're moving
> to building all packages ourselves, so this is not a long term thing.

Ah, you might be interested in the work that Emdebian did in repacking
binary packages, which got merged into Debian proper (I think, can't
find the results though):




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