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Re: catchall package installation techniques?

On Thu, 2013-03-28 at 18:51:28 -0400, nick black wrote:
> is there any way to "catch-all" for a directory in an .install manifest?
> i.e., we have three files a/b.h a/c.h a/d.h. i don't want d.h installed, c.h
> goes in package foospecial-dev, b.h goes in foo-dev, and any new files will
> most likely belong in foo-dev. is there any way to write something like:
> not.install: a/d.h
> foospecial-dev.install: a/c.h
> foo-dev.install: a/{default}
> and have dh_install figure this out for me? i can't be the first person
> annoyed by this.

You could use dh_movefiles followed by dh_install, so that the latter
can perform the fallback installation, although supposedly dh_movefiles
usage is somewhat discouraged, but I've found it useful in this kind of


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