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Re: [systemd-devel] [PATCH] add sprezzos as alias for debian in autoconf script

On Sun, 30.12.12 16:09, Jan Engelhardt (jengelh@inai.de) wrote:

> >>  - at some point, either debian or the derivative might lurch in a new
> >>    direction. in either case, carefully-crafted, minimal new
> >>    TARGET_-specific code (or however you choose to do it) can mirror the
> >>    divergence. all scripts continue to work.
> >
> >  At this point derevative should stop and think.  Is this diversion really
> >needed (hint: almost never is)?  What advantages this diversion brings, if
> >any?
> Diversity, of course.

Well, I hope you are just playing devil's advocate here...

> >If it's a good idea, why upstream did not go this way?
> Sometimes, upstream(s) are seen as uncooperative, or simply going a
> "boring" way - derivates like going where no upstream has gone
> before. There is not always just a single answer to a given problem.
> That is why there is not only sysvinit or just systemd.

Well, I mean, I am all for people doing stuff people haven't done
before, and playing around with new ways to do things, but really, the
place where the hostname is configured is one really really boring
setting and totally not where people should begin innovating, since it's
just so totally boring...


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