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Re: [systemd-devel] [PATCH] add sprezzos as alias for debian in autoconf script

On Fri, 28.12.12 23:34, nick black (nick.black@sprezzatech.com) wrote:

> Hello there!


> This patch adds sprezzos as an alias for debian in the configuration
> script. It also adds a comment exhorting other Debian derivatives to do
> this when possible, in the hope of keeping identifier bloat localized
> to autoconf while providing maximal future-proofing and making the
> correct choice explicit to the largest number of users.

In general we try to cut down on distro specific magic in the systemd
build tree. We have been slowly working on unifying things across
distros and already removed a couple of these checks.

As long as we have the need for the TARGET_xxx stuff we'll keep it, but
it's not supposed to be specific per distro, but rather have definitions
for entire "families" of distros. For example, we removed TARGET_UBUNTU
(which existed at a time), since TARGET_DEBIAN already covered that

Sprezzos is in the same category as Ubuntu, right? If so, doesn't
--with-distro=debian do enough for your needs? Do you need more?

> Ångström, I notice that the semantics of TARGET_ANGSTROM are currently
> equivalent to those of TARGET_DEBIAN. I thus recommend that you convert
> to an alias similarly, allowing removal of TARGET_ANGSTROM #ifdefs scattered
> throughout the systemd code proper.

Well, is Ångström a Debian derivative? If so then we should replace it
by TARGET_DEBIAN, indeed.


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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